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Active Franchising is the global platform to promote new investment into health, fitness and wellness franchises. It was created to give our partners both a collective and an individual pedestal in the franchise world – helping to attract new investment into our sector and its most exciting investment opportunities. The platform is a perfect opportunity to ensure your company is seen as a world-leading franchisor and/or master-franchisee in this ever growing and ever more important industry.
Active Franchising is the only industry specific platform for sourcing and connecting with a variety of health, fitness and wellness opportunities. You will not see a 7Eleven, Starbucks or KFC anywhere in sight! We are passionate about health, fitness and wellness and we are proud to exclusively shine a spotlight on our partners and their opportunities – they are all helping to make this world a happier and healthier place to live!
Active Franchising’s singular mission is to raise awareness and engagement with new investors into our partner brands. Through extensive branding and profiling we can promote the industry at large and from this allow guests and readers to easily and quickly compare and reference a world of exciting opportunities. These business prospects then connect with you directly for more information. In short, as a profiled company, you benefit from year-round global branding and profiling, as well as lead generation services.
We offer a 6-month or 12-month service for marketing your opportunities into a global marketplace. This includes your inclusion in quarterly newsletters as well as monthly updates and posts. The listing fee is a one-off payment, made up front. We also take a finders fee for any successful introductions.
Our finders fee is either 8% (for 12-month partners) or 10% (for 6-month partners) of the initial onboarding franchise fee. This commission payment is allocated at your discretion and on a ‘good faith’ agreement. If you think we deserve the commission for a new franchise sale, you allocate it to us no later than 60 days after you receive the fee. If you think we don’t deserve it, we don’t get it, simple as that. Our goal is to ensure your continued success and that in return you reward us fairly. The finders fee only applies to the initial onboarding fee – be that for a single site, multi-site or master franchise agreement. We do not take any commission from subsequent deals you do with that franchisee (i.e., if they move from a single site to a multi-site owner in subsequent years). In summary, we ask for fair compensation on the initial introduction deal – whatever happens in the years to come is your work, not ours.

Simply message or and they can walk you through the listing process – starting with a quick and simple agreement to sign, to collecting your information, designing your page and getting you good to go – we do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Every month we check in with you to ensure your profile and relevant opportunities are up to date on our platform.


Each partner company listed on Active Franchising has a proven track record in developing and supporting franchise opportunities and working effectively with franchisees. Only reputable and established companies are allowed to market their opportunities with Active Franchising. If you seek greater details from each company, such as in-depth financials and ROI projections, you must connect directly with our partner companies to gain these (see next question on how to do so).
If you click on each company’s logo you will be led to a profile page that shows in depth the company and the opportunities they are currently offering. The contact form embedded on their page is linked directly to the company’s lead point of contact. You can either (i) complete the form and connect with that person(s) directly, or, (ii) contact them directly using their contact details on the same page.

We know how important it is to meet face-to-face with prospective business partners. All partner companies of Active Franchising will be attending FIT Summit’s World Festival in Singapore and FIT Summit’s Asia-Pacific Festival in Bangkok. Many of them are speaking at the event(s) and there to meet prospective partners face-to-face. We encourage you to attend these events to meet our partner companies.

We work with franchisors and master franchisees to sell their opportunities to possible master franchisees and franchisees. We do not work to sell existing businesses of franchisees. Selling and marketing the businesses of franchisees is a very granular process (i.e. [re]selling an existing single site franchise in Western Sydney for $YYY) – we leave that service to more local classified listings and sales agents.
Ross Campbell
Founder & CEO